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Scriptgeist is a screenplay analytics app to help screenwriters ask more questions of their script.

Final Draft .fdx and .txt Script Import
Screenplay Content Analytics
Quantitative Data Analysis
Screenplay Writing

Why Scriptgeist?

Scriptgeist complements traditional screenplay writing applications

Script Analysis

Scriptgeist focuses on screenplay analysis not the creation and writing of your movie screenplay.

Quantitative Analysis

Scriptgeist quantitatively analyzes your script - but human qualitative analysis remains essential.

Rewrite Help

Scriptgeist's data-driven analysis delivers evidence-based pointers to facilitate your screenplay rewrite.

How It Works

Scriptgeist is a screenplay analytics application
developed by Stewart McKie PhD

Script Import

Import your script as a .fdx or a .txt file to parse the data into the Scriptgeist database for analysis.

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Script Entities

Breakdown your script into the key entities of Scenes, Locations and Roles, then add useful metadata.

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Script Analysis

Analyze and chart the content of your script to learn more about it from a quantitative perspective.

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Who It Is For

Scriptgeist is for academics, analysts and writers


Academics get summarised quantitative data from a script for use in their articles/papers.


Script 'slushpile' analysts get a useful analysis of a script prior to investing time in a read.


Writers get an analytical perspective on their script to help spot problems and assist with rewrites.

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